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Серия архитектурных оконных пленок Rayno защищает вашу кожу и глаза, уменьшая ультрафиолетовое излучение. лучей до 99% и максимизирует вашу энергоэффективность. Пленка Райно укрепляет стекло более 20 раз и надежно защищает вас и вашу семью от окна повреждения штормами или нежелательными вторжениями

Rescue Series: Security Window Film

Protect your family and property from window damage or unwanted intrusions with the Rescue Series, a security glass film by Rayno.



How does the Rayno Rescue Series protect your home or office? Here are some of the benefits and features of this glass-strengthening window film:

  • Strengthens windows up to 20 times more than normal glass strength
    • Minimize window damage from external shocks such as storms, earthquakes and explosions
  • Makes window glass more shatter-resistant
    • Keeps window glass from shattering
    • Aids in interruption and prevention of robbery or intrusion through protected windows
  • Great clarity and clear visibility
  • UV protection


Whether you are looking for residential window protection film or have a commercial property you wish to protect, the Rescue Series will do the job well. Our window protection film can be used in:

  • Preschools
  • Glass doors
  • Banks
  • Stores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Museums
  • Museum glass showcases
  • Glass showers
  • Public buildings that require additional security
  • Private homes that require additional security

    If you’re ready to enjoy additional strength and protection for your windows with a safety and security window film, find a Rayno dealer near you today.

Superior Strength and Protection for Residential and Commercial Windows

Introducing Rayno’s Rescue Series, our window security film designed specifically to protect your windows and properties. By adding to the strength of the glass, this window film provides residential and commercial window protection, reducing the risk of intrusion and shattered glass while continuing to provide the same UV filtering you’ve come to expect from our products. If you want to give the glass in your home or office more strength, consider the Rescue Series.

The Rescue Series protects your windows in two ways. First, it’s penetration-resistant, making glass eight times more resistant to penetration from a flying object than without the protection. Second, it reduces the risk of shattering. Shattered glass causes secondary damage when a window is broken, and Rescue Series films keep the glass together, so you won’t be hurt and your property won’t be damaged by flying pieces of glass. This minimizes the risk of damage during storms, from intruders and from flying debris, all while providing your home or office with clear visibility and superior UV protection.


*products available upon request
RE-CL04 Clear 90% 99% 10% 140 111% 7%11.6%
* RE-CL08 Clear 89% 99% 10% 269 186% 9%13.0%
* RE-CL12 Clear 89% 99% 10% 408 112% 9%14.7%
* RE-CL18Clear86%98%10%506119%11%17.5%


To test the resistance of a RAYNO Rescue installed window – we experimented on the amount of energy needed for an object, in this case a steel ball, to break through a window installed with 4mil RAYNO Rescue film. We tested on one regular and two tempered glasses 6T (quarter inch thickness) and 12T (half inch thickness). Here are the results:

  • 8 times more resistance on regular glass after installing
  • 4mil RAYNO Rescue film 4mil RAYNO Rescue film installed regular glass is 10% more resistance than clear half inch thickness tempered glass (123 Joule vs 110 Joule)


Shatter resistant means secondary damage due to broken glass is minimized. We tested this using a sack of lead bullets dropped against a window installed with the RAYNO Rescue. Here are the results:

  • Effectively prevented secondary damage due to minimization of broken glass pieces
  • RAYNO Rescue installed glass: no shards and no broken glass pieces as shattered glass pieces will be held together vs Regular clear glass (without Rescue film installed): shattered and scattered shard or glass pieces

* Rescue 8 mil, 12 mil, and 18 mil available upon request.



We used a Hazemeter (Yes, it’s a real thing) to measure haze – the level of opaque/cloudy appearance as light passes through a transparent object. Here’s what we found:

  • The RAYNO Rescue Series consistently tests clearer than other window films at every similar level of thickness — 2mil, 4mil, 12mil.
  • RAYNO is un-matched at the 8mil and 18mil film thicknesses.
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