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Rayno’s Phantom series is the world’s first carbon ceramic
film developed with a patented formula that exceeds
competitor standards for optimal film performance. Nano-
scaled carbon particles provide top notch color stability
without sacrificing clarity, while nano-encapsulated
ceramic particles give lasting durability and outstanding
heat rejection.

In short — it’s the perfect combination film to give you
enhanced privacy and protection from the harmful UVA
and UVB sun rays while safeguarding your car’s interior
and increasing your car’s performance.

Car Window Tinting

Whether you’re looking to reduce glare, want to make your car look more attractive, or wish to protect your car and its occupants from UV damage, automotive window tint from Rayno Window Film is a great fit. With a high-quality car window tint, you can protect your investment while improving the aesthetics of your vehicle, so you can be proud to drive your car for many years to come.

Car Window Tint Protects Your Investment


UV rays are damaging, yet normal auto glass allows it to enter the vehicle unencumbered. Not only can UV rays fade the interior of the vehicle, but they can cause damage to your skin when you are riding inside. A simple, affordable solution to this common problem is an investment in car window tint.

Car window film adheres to your car’s glass, reducing UV exposure by as much as 99 percent. This protects your vehicle and the people inside. Yet that is just one benefit of car window tinting. In addition to filtering harmful UV rays, many window tints are attractive, improving the overall look of your vehicle. Our tint reduces the amount of heat coming through the glass so you can ride in comfort and in style. What’s more, window tint enhances the privacy of your vehicle, making it harder for others to see inside. This also helps limit the risk of theft, as potential thieves are less prone to smashing the windows to grab something in a vehicle they cannot see inside.

Rayno Automotive Window Tint Solutions


Through the years, Rayno has built a reputation for quality and innovative products for window tinting.

Phantom Series

nano carbon ceramic window tint

Our Phantom Series tint uses Nano Carbon Ceramic technology, an innovative product that combines the benefits of both major types of window films in a highly durable, long-lasting product. Using professional-grade materials, Rayno’s ceramic tint products are designed to last, so you will not have to worry about fading, bubbling or cracking.


carbon window tint

MonoCarbon is our 2-ply, true carbon based film with Rayno’s advanced Nano-technology with no dyes and no metals. Our carbon tint provides superior clarity, heat rejection, durability, and color stability compared to dyed films.

Check out our available options, and choose the automotive window tint that will match your style and needs well.


paint protection film

CREED PPF is a paint protection film derived from Rayno’s innovative top-coating material and technology, which helps professionals with effortless installation and paint protection. CREED acts as an invisible, clear shield on your car that helps protect car paint from everyday driving, including rock chips, road salt, dirt, and acid rain.

Window Tinting Near You


If you are looking for window tint for your car, Rayno’s quality products are a great fit. Search for a tint shop that offers Rayno Window Film by browsing our dealer locator to find qualified Rayno dealers near you and discuss tint costs.  

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