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Rayno’s Phantom series is the world’s first carbon ceramic
film developed with a patented formula that exceeds
competitor standards for optimal film performance. Nano-
scaled carbon particles provide top notch color stability
without sacrificing clarity, while nano-encapsulated
ceramic particles give lasting durability and outstanding
heat rejection.

In short — it’s the perfect combination film to give you
enhanced privacy and protection from the harmful UVA
and UVB sun rays while safeguarding your car’s interior
and increasing your car’s performance.

Rayno Phantom Features

Color Stability

Traditional dyed films fade and discolor rapidly over time with exposure to UV light and humidity. Not only that, they offer little to no protection from infrared rays (IR) that can impair your vision over time. Many brands add a derivative of ceramic in hopes to take advantage of ceramic’s high IR rejection. However, this method proves faulty, as ceramic shows an even greater oxidation and fading rate than traditional films.


Rayno discovered a smarter solution. The ceramic particles in our premium Phantom line are individually encapsulated for increased durability and guaranteed color stability. This means you get a dye-free and metal-free solution with an unprecedented less than 1% (<1%) fading resistance that keeps you protected and the car looking good for years.


Watch Rayno Phantom Durability Test.

Solar Control Performance

Windom film should not only make your car look good, it should make you feel good by protecting you from harmful rays that can deteriorate your eye sight and accelerate skin aging, causing wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Health Benefits of Window Film

To start the conversation about the health benefits gained from using our window film, understanding of the amount of Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER) by the film is crucial factor. Like infrared rejection, TSER is a factor in how much heat is allowed into your vehicle, but TSER also measures the amount of skin and vision damaging light that is emitted into the vehicle as well.

During independent testing Rayno Phantom Series films improved TSER by up to 60% and cut harmful UV and infrared rays by nearly 99 percent over other window film brands.

What does this mean for you? It’s simple. You’ll drive in comfort knowing Rayno’s Phantom is working actively to keep cool and provide superior protection – not only for your car, but for you as well.


Clarity and Haze

Rayno’s patented Nano technology including nano-particle size control, nano formulation, and nano coating dramatically improves visibility by preventing light scattering and haze. Rayno Phantom series film provides clear vision during nighttime or rainy conditions and will allow you the peace of mind when adverse weather conditions come about or nighttime trips arise. We understand that your life doesn’t pause at night and that driving in the rain is a part of everyday life, so we’ve developed our films to maximize visibility at all times of the day and during adverse weather. The data makes it clear and we’re confident you’ll see the difference too.

See the Facts

Under independent testing, Rayno Phantom Film scores higher on the Clarity Scale than any of the leading competitors.

Rayno Phantom Film scores 45% better on the clarity scale than the leading competitors for products without release.


Rayno Phantom Film scores 37% better on the clarity scale than the leading competitors for products with release.


Product Hz measured by Haze Meter NDH 2000 (Nippon Denshoku Industries Co. LTD)

man installing window tint film

Installer Friendly

Rayno Phantom Series provides optimized heat shrinking and adhesion properties for the installers. A seamless and easy installation is guaranteed and it enhances quality of the film installation service and customer satisfaction.

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